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6 Mar

The traditions of the celebration of Saint Agatha in Catania: the candles and the devotees.

Among the main symbols of the feast of Sant’Agata, stand the traditional votive candles. Historically used as a sign of special devotion to the patron saint of Catania, candles offered during the procession, vary in size and weight. A second fact of grace, received or requested, every devotee carefully chooses the candle to bring as a gift.

True to tradition, the Cereria Cosentino for over 200 years, provides the faithful a wide range of products to choose from. From simple white candles, the candles, hand twisted from the typical yellow color, are in fact plenty of opportunities to purchase. Every devotee also can ask the Cereria Cosentino making candles to measure. In fact, many people who commissioned votive candles exceeding 120 kg in weight. The Cereria Cosentino is also the symbolic place where the devotees begin their journey with the candle in his shoulder. A procession which sees thousands lit candles in honor of Agatha.