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28 Mar

Classic shows at the Greek Theatre in Syracuse

Will be held from May 9 to June 22, the Cycle of Classical Plays that every year the INDA Foundation Onlus shows at the Greek Theatre in Syracuse. The 2014 season starring Aeschylus and Aristophanes . The plays will be staged: Aeschylus ‘ Agamemnon, Libation Bearers – Eumenides of Aeschylus, Aristophanes’ The Wasps .

On the occasion of the centenary Centenary of the National Institute of Ancient Drama INDA which falls this year will be performed only on April 16, 2014 at 17.30 Towards Argo taken from Homer, Aeschylus, Euripides and Gorgias , and will star actress Sicilian Evelyn Famà. The show directed by Manuel Giliberti with scenes of Arnaldo Pomodoro.
The text, written by Eva Cantarella, will once again test the quality of interpretation and ductile Famà of that, the new epic drama – in fact in 2004 he won the prize Hystrio interpreting Antigone . Music by Antonio Di Pofi, Rosa Lorusso costumes, choreography by Serena Cartia staged April 16, 2014 at 17:30 at the Greek Theatre in Syracuse, exactly 100 years after the first performance took place all’INDA
In the scene the other characters in the story, played by good actors: Luchino Giordana (Talthybius), Maximum Cimaglia (Menelaus), Deborah Lentini (Andromache) with coryphaea Simonetta Cartia and the choir of the Students of 1st year of school INDA .

50° The Cycle of Classical

Greek Theatre of Syracuse (May 09 June 22, 2014 )
Agamemnon – Libation Bearers / Eumenides – The Wasps

start . 18.45
Friday 09 Agamemnon
Saturday 10 Libation Bearers / Eumenides
Sunday 11 Wasps
Monday 12 Agamemnon
Tuesday 13 Libation Bearers / Eumenides
Wednesday 14 Wasps
15 Thursday Agamemnon
16 Friday Libation Bearers / Eumenides
Saturday 17 Wasps
18 Sunday Agamemnon
Monday 19 Libation Bearers / Eumenides p.u.
Tuesday 20 Wasps p.u.
Wednesday 21 Agamemnon p.u.
22 Thursday Libation Bearers / Eumenides
Friday 23 Wasps
Saturday 24 Agamemnon
Sunday 25 Libation Bearers / Eumenides
Monday 26 Wasps p.u.
Tuesday 27 Agamemnon p.u.
Wednesday 28 Libation Bearers / Eumenides p.u.
Thursday 29 Wasps
Friday 30 Agamemnon
Saturday 31 Libation Bearers / Eumenides

start . 19.00
Sunday 01 Wasps
Monday 02 Agamemnon
Tuesday 03 Libation Bearers / Eumenides
Wednesday 04 Wasps
05 Thursday Agamemnon
06 Friday Libation Bearers / Eumenides
Saturday 07 Wasps
08 Sunday Agamemnon
Monday 09 Libation Bearers / Eumenides p.u.
Tuesday 10 Wasps p.u.
Wednesday 11 Agamemnon p.u.
12 Thursday Libation Bearers / Eumenides
Friday 13 Wasps
Saturday 14 Agamemnon
Sunday 15 Libation Bearers / Eumenides
Monday 16 Wasps
Tuesday 17 Agamemnon
Wednesday 18 Libation Bearers / Eumenides
Thursday 19 Wasps
Friday 20 Agamemnon
Saturday 21 Libation Bearers / Eumenides
Sunday 22 Wasps

Price list and information: girasicilia.it

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