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4 Dec

Exposure to vinyl in Catania

In Catania, for the first time, an event entirely dedicated to the king of music.

An object uniquely shaped, unmistakable smell and unforgettable sound that, despite the advent of digital, maintains an ageless charm that seduces more and more generations. It is vinyl, the timeless medium for the dissemination of music, replaced by the so-called, has become an object of worship for lovers of sound and beyond.
And vinyl is the protagonist of the Fiera del Disco, which will be held in Catania on 14 and 15 December, at the Hotel Piazza Bellini in Trent 13 (Tiziano Room no. 7).

Ernyaldisko organized by the company in Genoa that is responsible for more than 10 years of exposure in the exhibitions of the disc throughout Italy and across Europe, in collaboration with Adv Piazza Grande and Radio Studio Centrale, the event, which has been sponsored by the City of Catania, wants to be a meeting place for experts, enthusiasts or just curious who want to dive into the world of music, finding why not, rarity and unique, but also incredibly low prices, particularly for young people who are approaching the world of vinyl for the first time .

After the successes recorded in Genoa, where the event came in the fifth edition, calling twice a year, more than 50 exhibitors from all over Europe, and an audience of more than two thousand visitors paying inputs, the fair of the disk of Pistoia in collaboration with the PoPistoia, and many other events related to music and vintage in general; Ernyaldisko decided to invest in the city of Catania : ” over the past four years – says Massari – we have built our business exposure in exhibitions sector organizing various events, mostly related to music and vintage directly connected , in various parts of Italy, in order to promote the return of the vinyl on the market, which represents for us a true passion.”

And Catania, culturally and musically poised to become the reference point of Sicily, and currently does not have a record fairs, appears to be the natural location to host the first exhibition of the disk of Southern Italy. ” Catania is known for its musical culture and Catania are demanding and effective listener – adds Massari – in short, is the city of the south that most lends itself to this event.”
Catania is the first edition, but is willing to make Ernyaldisko fixture to be organized twice a year.