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Casa Barbero Bed and Breakfast
Festa di Sant'Agata Catania 2012 - via etnea - foto Luigi Marino www.wabi.biz
26 Jan

The feast of Saint Agatha of Sicily: baroque feast.

Our Bed and Breakfast is located in the heart of Festival of Saint Agatha Catania, the Baroque feast for two days turns Catania and its citizens.
Stay, sleep, be accommodated at Casa Barbero allows you to walk to all the places of worship and significant feast days. Mandatory walk because in those days the city center of Catania is passable only on foot comfortably given the constant interruptions of the central streets due to the procession of the Holy Relics of Saint Agatha, attended by thousands of citizens and “loyal” dressed in the traditional “bag.”

Festa di Sant'Agata Catania 2012 - via etnea - foto Luigi Marino www.wabi.biz

An important moment in which Catania turns and makes available all the places consigned to history of the Cult of the Virgin and Martyr Agatha. Not just a religious or folklore, but also a time full of history and human passion which, in our opinion, it is worth knowing.
For all the information on the course and on the Festival of Saint Agatha Catania in general, we refer to the article by girasicilia.it where you will find a series of detailed pictures of info but most of the monuments of Catania to visit with guides absolutely precise point historical and cultural.

If you visit Catania during days 3, 4 and 5 February do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for our hospitality in the heart of the Festival of St. Agatha.