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13 Jun

Perfect Volcano: the exhibition of Giuseppe Livio in Catania

Black paint on wood relief and intaglio printing white on white. It ‘a dialogue opposites, contrasts and contrast the new production of Joseph Livio, with “Perfect Volcano” from June 21 to July 6, 2014, arrives in the institutional space of the Palace of Culture (Palazzo Platamone) for an exhibition, curated Francis Lucifora.
Emerging artist Joseph Livio has chosen to work and act in his native Sicily, close to the volcano, Mount Etna: a choice that makes it an authentic witness and along an indisputable “bearer” of images, settings, and concepts related to a poetic ‘idea of ​​being contemporary artists and performers of their own land and their own world

“By Livio – explains Lucifora, independent curator – ‘Perfect Volcano’ is a decisive moment, a time of increased awareness on his painting and how graphics and visual synthesis that coincides with a new production divided into two blocks: black paint on wood and intaglio printing white on white. A contrast of colors and materials that travels towards the definition of a perfect volcano. That is not only the Etna – continues Lucifora – but every natural element permanent symbol of a constant presence that accompanies the human future. Livy casts his gaze forward, towards a visionary reality made of minimal landscapes and cleaned of excess. Even the copper engravings give a measure of the invention: on paper, as artifacts from the future, emerging forms of beings and substances however family. ”

A dozen works on display in the Palace of Culture, and all unpublished result of frenetic creative activity of the artist in this first part of 2014. “I’m focused – Livio says Joseph – on the sign, on the expressive power of black and white that comes to win on color, always the protagonist of my work; and finally on the matter, the wood painted black has become support of this production cycle. Finally subjects: they live in an area not identified, there are space-time coordinates. It could also be our future. ”

The exhibition “Perfect Volcano” is free admission and will be open until July 6.
Catania, Palace of Culture, Via Vittorio Emanuele 121.
Hours: Mon-Sat 9-13, 15-19. Sunday 9-13.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Catania, Department for Knowledge and Beauty shared and realized with the scientific partnership of the Academy of Fine Arts and the CoCA – Centre of Contemporary Arts in Modica (Rg).

Joseph Livio

Joseph Livio was born in Catania in 1975. Completion of the Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated in sculpture, the proximity Antonio Brancato, his teacher, leading to a collaboration for the realization of an important bronze monument to the town of Etna St. John’s La Punta. These years are full of stimulating artistic stresses in particular with regard to the acquisition of the various printmaking techniques and the resulting approach to printing. Valuable relationships with various artists including Gianbecchina, Salvatore Embed, Sebastian Milluzzo, Elio Romano.
In 1994 he opened his own studio-thinking place in Catania, which creates sculptures, paintings and intaglio. Interested in the strength of the material, Joseph Livio accept some commissions that lead to the creation of sculptures in wood and terracotta. Between 1990 and 1997, developed his idea of ​​painting as a fact fully private but with possible outcomes of public and shared, exhibited a form of intimacy, feeling a strong need to trespass beyond the composure of an academic formalism and find yourself free sign in and dirt and valence expressionist.
In 2001, the attainment of approval for Design and Art History teaching him to Istanbul. The stay in the Turkish city along with numerous trips to Cappadocia and other places in Turkey leads him to live different and conflicting situations. The reference to Istanbul is evident in the works when a certain narrative indicates a secular value, corresponding to the mystic and wonder of man’s outlook with respect to the encounter with Western culture are not known before. In contrast to the noise of the city, Cappadocia, with its silence and isolation of time, suggests the outcome almost monochrome dusty and earthy hues of many of his works. Since 2006 he is professor of Art History at the Liceo Scientifico Federico Enriques of Rome. Coordinates a section of the sculpture project “The Gate of Beauty” Librino in Catania, and a section of the painting of the project “The Great Mother” for the Hospital of Catania. One of his great work intaglio – a unique scene and printed by hand – seeing him participate in the “Rite of Light”, a project of the Foundation Fiumara d’Arte Antonio Presti.

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