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27 Jan

“Sudvirus, the pleasure of being southerners” debuts in Catania

He made his debut in Sicily Sudvirus , choreography by Roberto Zappala with actor Vincenzo Pirrotta and musicians Alfio Antico and Puccio Castrogiovanni

” Sudvirus, the pleasure of being southerners”, is making his debut in Sicily.

The performance of the Company Zappala Danza is the reworking, reorganizing conceptual choreography commissioned by Roberto Zappala Goteborg Ballet, accompanied by three extraordinary Sicilian artists : musicians Alfio Antico, Puccio Castrogiovanni – who oversaw the original music – and actor Vincent Pirotta.

The performance will be staged on 24/25/26 January and half February to Scenario Pubblico in Catania.

[lightbox link=”http://www.casabarbero.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/sudvirus5_musarra1.jpg” thumb=”http://www.casabarbero.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/sudvirus5_musarra1-300×191.jpg” width=”300″ align=”left” title=”sudvirus5_musarra” frame=”true” icon=”image”]Sudvirus is a world where the ancestral music and hypnotic drums and Alfio Antico Puccio Castrogiovanni to marranzani creeps into the melodies of Bach, Vivaldi and Paganini and where the vehemence of voice and physicality of Vincenzo Pirrotta – actor and among the most interesting of the contemporary theater scene – distorts and corrupts words , discourses , meanings, literature .
The show has the ambition to propose a version of ” biologically ” positive of a new virus – opposite to the parasitic and poisonous – made of choreographic language (and also musical and performative) that produces forms, skills, moral and aesthetic values​​. The ” south -virus ” dance generates toxins are not poisonous but bearers of health.

Overturning established patterns and clichés, Sudvirus wants to be positive , ready to show and represent a world / south away from the definitions that are used, trivially, to define certain aspects of southern Italy and often every southern hemisphere, and the performance driving toward a sense of belonging that is as strong as (and when) does not close the world, but rather accepts and embraces.

[lightbox link=”http://www.casabarbero.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/sudvirus13_musarra1.jpg” thumb=”http://www.casabarbero.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/sudvirus13_musarra1-300×198.jpg” width=”300″ align=”left” title=”sudvirus13_musarra” frame=”true” icon=”image”]The dancers on stage are Gaetano Badalamenti, Maud de la Purification, Alain El Sakhawi, Liisa Pietikainen, Robert Provenzano, Roldan Fernando Ferrer, Ilene Romano.

Sudvirus is a co-production Zappala Dance Company and Scenery Public Sicily international choreographic center in collaboration with Civitanova Danza / Amat , National Dance Foundation (Reggio Emilia) and GöteborgsOperans Danskompani (Sweden) – is the brainchild of In Calabrò and Roberto Zappala.

24 | 25 | January 26
Fri | Sat 20:45 h | Sun 19:00 h

01 | 02 | October ( non-subscription )
20:45 h Sat | Sun 19:00 h

Full price: 12 €
Reduced: ( Under 23 , Students, Over 65 ) € 10